Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Lackawanna GOP Goes 5 for 5!

The LackawannaGOP is happy to share that Republicans will have a candidate in each of the five house legislative districts representing Lackawanna County.

The candidates, by district are:
  • 112th. Legislative District - Mary Noldy
  • 113th. Legislative District - William Kresge
  • 114th. Legislative District - James May
  • 117th. Legislative District - Dr. Karen Boback
  • 118th. Legislative District - Andrew Holter
Gov. Tom Wolf’s allies in Harrisburg have been spending their time pushing irresponsible tax and borrow plans, obstructing the expansion of education support, and opposing President Trump even when Pennsylvania manufacturing jobs are in the balance. 

Four of the five Lackawanna County House of Representative seats are currently held by Democrats.  This year, our voters will not only have the opportunity to re-elect our wonderful Dr. Karen Boback, but they will also have the opportunity to send pro-growth, pro-jobs Republicans dedicated to the taxpayers, job-creators, and students of Lackawanna County with her to Harrisburg to serve in the Republican Majority.

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