Monday, June 18, 2018

Congratulations to our new officers!

The Republican Party of Lackwanna County met and elected officers this evening to serve a four-year term. The officers elected tonight are:  

Republican County Committee:
Lance J. Stange, Jr., Chairman
Barbara Davenport, Vice-Chair
Kimberly DeMatteo-MacDonald, Secretary
Cheryl Scandale-Murnin, Treasurer  

112th Legislative District:
Ernest Lemoncelli, District Chair
Marie Schumacher, District Vice-Chair
Joann Kulick, District Committeewoman
Tom Bremer, District Committeeman  

113th Legislative District:
David Weber, District Chair
Margaret Billings-Jones, District Vice-Chair
Patricia Lynn, District Committeewoman
James Coughlin, District Committeeman

 114th Legislative District:
Laureen Cummings, District Chair
Charles Brewer, District Vice-Chair
Sharon Gebert, District Committeewoman
Leonard Brown, District Committeeman  

117th Legislative District:
Daniel Naylor, District Chair
Edrene Wright, District Committeewoman
Christopher Chermak, District Committeeman  

118th Legislative District:
Karen Clifford, District Chair
Kevin McDonough, District Vice-Chair
Megan Galko, District Committeewoman
Vincent Galko, District Committeeman

Congratulations to all!

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