Tuesday, May 21, 2013

GOP Government Study Commissioner Candidates

The 2013 Primary Election is critically important.  We will not only be nominating candidates for the standard offices throughout the county, but we will also be electing candidates for Government Study Commissioner. 

If approved, this commission will study our current form of government and propose changes to how we do business as a county.  Their recommendations will then be put to the voters, in the form of a ballot question, for adoption or rejection.

It is critical that we, as Republicans, have representation on this commission.

We, as a party, were very successful in recruiting candidates for these important positions – 17 of the 38 candidates are Republicans. 

As a voter, you may only vote for seven candidates for these positions.  If you vote for more than seven, your vote will not count.  As a Republican, we are asking you to choose your seven candidates from the 17 Republicans running.

The following candidates are Republicans:

Mike Stutz Stuchlak
1st Position on Ballot
Joseph M. Walsh
22nd Position on Ballot
Marie A. Schumacher
2nd Position on Ballot
Sharon L. Gebert
23rd Position on Ballot
Laureen A. Cummings
5th Position on Ballot
Catherine C. Hosie
26th Position on Ballot
Maximilian Peters
6th Position on Ballot
Joseph Albert
29th Position on Ballot
Mary Rose McAndrew Spano
9th Position on Ballot
Michael A. Catanzaro
31st Position on Ballot
Michael A. Giannetta
16th Position on Ballot
Sarah F. Walsh
34th Position on Ballot
David Wenzel
17th Position on Ballot
Charlie Spano
37th Position on Ballot
Paul J. Catalano
18th Position on Ballot
Mary L. Oleski
38th Position on Ballot
Dorothy Macciocco
19th Position on Ballot

Please, guarantee Republican representation on the Government Study Commission.  Vote for your fellow REPUBLICANS!

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