Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Executive Committee Issues Endorsements

Scranton, PA – Last night, the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Lackawanna County held candidate interviews.  Following that, the Executive Committee made the following endorsements:

Andy Jarbola for Lackawanna County District Attorney

Alicia DiLeo for Lackawanna County Recorder of Deeds

Christopher Arnone for Lackawanna County Register of Wills

The committee also endorsed the creation of a Government Study Commission to examine Lackawanna County’s form of government, and rejected the consolidation questions proposed by the commissioners.

A vote for an open primary for the office of Sheriff and Judge of the Court of Common Pleas was successful.

“In the Sheriff’s race, we have two candidates that possess unique skill sets that qualify them to hold the office,” said Chairman Lance Stange.  “Dominick Manetti’s first-hand experience and working knowledge of the office of Sheriff is impressive.  His understanding of the job, learned by moving through ranks and rising to the position of Chief Deputy, proves that he will be ready to lead the Sheriff’s Department on day one.  Joseph Albert’s leadership skills and training, finely honed over years of service to our country in the armed forces, have no doubt prepared him to serve the people of Lackawanna County as their next Sheriff.  Because both candidates are qualified, experienced, and well prepared to serve the people of Lackawanna County the committee voted to have an open primary with a pledge to support the candidate that prevails in the Primary Election.”

Chairman Stange continued, “The Republican Party supports the idea of constantly examining how we, as a county, can best serve our taxpayers.  Both the attempt to make the Sheriff an appointed position and the proposed consolidation of offices into a new political appointment have one thing in common – they rob a fundamental power from the people, the power to choose who it is they believe best represents them, and place it in the hands of Lackawanna County’s politicians.  Any consolidation or modification of our system of government must also empower the people of Lackawanna County, not its politicians.  We are calling on the people of Lackawanna County to support the formation of a Government Study Commission as the best option available to us to seek this improvement of government and reject the remaining questions.”

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