Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ray Nearhood Update

For Immediate Release
Contact: Kenn Anderson
Nearhood Campaign to Continue With Help of Friends of Ray Nearhood
SCRANTON - While attempting to avoid a stopped vehicle on the highway, Ray Nearhood was involved in a very serious car accident in mid-August. Another vehicle was also involved, with serious injuries sustained by the passengers. The friends and family of Ray Nearhood continue to offer their prayers for a speedy recovery to all involved.
Mr. Nearhood’s injuries are extensive. Because of this, his family initially asked that both his campaign committee and the Republican Party of Lackawanna County withhold any comment on his condition or his campaign until his physicians could better assess his situation. Mr. Nearhood is still undergoing treatment and has a very difficult road ahead of him. He is, however, improving. Because of this, his family, friends and supporters have decided to continue his campaign for State Representative.
Kenn Anderson Sr., Chairman of the Friends of Ray Nearhood committee issued the following statement:
“Ray’s campaign started in the most challenging way possible – as a write-in candidate – where he beat the odds and secured the nomination. He did this for two reasons: first, because he knew that he could use his experience and education to help fix the problems plaguing Harrisburg; and second, because he wanted the voters of his district to have to have a choice in the November election. Ray’s advocacy for smaller, less intrusive government and his experience working with troubled governments to solve their financial problems is well known. It is that philosophy and that experience that Harrisburg needs right now. 
Because Ray is so passionate about helping this district and because we believe Ray is truly needed in Harrisburg, his family, friends and supporters have met and decided to continue his campaign for him while he recovers. As a long-time friend of Ray’s I can honestly say that Ray would never quit on a friend. We, the Friends of Ray Nearhood, will not quit on him.”
Lance Stange, Chairman of the Republican Party of Lackawanna County issued the following statement:
“Before this unfortunate accident, Ray worked his campaign daily. Rain or shine, you could hardly find a day that Ray wasn’t out pounding the pavement talking to voters. His dedication to this race was incredible. Now that his injuries make it impossible for him to meet the physical demands of his campaign, his supporters have agreed to pick up where Ray left off. It won’t be Ray knocking on your door; it will be one of his dedicated friends and supporters talking to you about why Ray is the best candidate for State Representative. Ray’s friends have come together for his campaign in a way I have never seen before. It is truly a testament to the kind of man Ray Nearhood is.”