Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Republican Candidates

Lackawanna County has over a 30% increase in the number of candidates seeking office this year when compared to 2007.

This is great news for the party but means me we have far more candidates that we need to help.

We are in the process of collecting campaign info for each candidate so if you would like to help out with any of the races, send us an email.

It is important to note that many races such as Magistrates and School Directors allow cross filing. This means a Democrat can appear on your Republican ballot.

The list below represents only those candidates who are actually registered Republicans.

County Offices:
William Jones - County Commissioner
Patrick O'Malley - County Commissioner
Bruce Smallacombe - County Commissioner

Robert Castellani - County Controller

Frank Adamo - County Coroner

Magisterial District Judges:
Theodore Giglio - Magisterial District Judge 45-1-01
(Old Forge area)

Patrick Scanlon - Magisterial District Judge 45-1-03
(South Scranton, East Mountain, Minooka)

Robert Trichilo - Magisterial District Judge 45-1-06
(Dunmore, Green Ridge, North Scranton)

John Mercuri - Magisterial District Judge 45-3-02
(Moscow area)

Local Offices:
Frank Santoriello - Abington Heights School Director At Large
Tom Brogan - Abington Heights School Director At Large
Michael Fleming - Abington Heights School Director At Large
Warren Acker - Abington Heights School Director Reg 1
Gregory Madensky - Abington Heights School Director Reg 3
Cathy Hardaway - Abington Heights School Director Region 2
Larry Seymour - Benton Twp Supervisor
Todd Venosh - Blakely Borough Council
Peter Collins - Blakely Borough Council
Teresa Taramelli - Blakely Borough Council
Nancy Mark - Carbondale Area School Director Reg 1
Thomas Staple - Carbondale Area School Director Region 2
Scott Lowe - Carbondale Area School Director Region 3
Barry Phillips - Clarks Green Borough Council
Lynne Earley - Clarks Green Council Member
Joseph Sadowski - Clarks Summit Borough Council
David Jenkins - Clarks Summit Borough Council
Todd Dixon - Clarks Summit Borough Council
Donald Moyer - Clarks Summit Borough Council
Robert Bennett - Clarks Summit Borough Council
John Dsurney - Clifton Township Supervisor
Richard Batzel - Clifton Township Supervisor
June Ejk - Clifton Township Supervisor
Marlene Beavers - Covington Township Supervisor
Thomas Yerke - Covington Township Supervisor
Lorraine Daniels - Dalton Borough Council
William Brandt - Dalton Borough Council
Nancy Marchuck - Fell Township Auditor 2 Year Unex Term
Liana Smith - Glenburn Township Auditor
William Wicks - Glenburn Township Supervisor
Joseph Slebodnik - Greenfield Township Supervisor
Chris Arnone - Jefferson Township Supervisor
Theresa Estile - Jermyn Borough Council
Catherine Hosie - Jermyn Borough Council
John Mark - Jermyn Borough Council
Joseph Strauch - Lackawanna Trail School Director Reg 1
Carol Selwood - Lackawanna Trail School Director Reg 2
Mark Lombardi - Lackawanna Trail School Director Reg 3
Stanley Rzucidlo - Lakeland School Director Reg 1
Henry Stachura - Lakeland School District Reg 1
Clyde Ellsworth - LaPlume Township Auditor
Thomas Dickinson - LaPlume Township Supervisor
Sharon Wheeler - Madison Township Auditor
Allan McLain - Madison Township Supervisor
Phillip Setzer - Madison Township Supervisor
Deborah Hafler - Moscow Borough Auditor
Kim Bochicchio - Moscow Borough Auditor 2 Year Unex
Kevin Carr - Newton Township Supervisor
Gary Wilding - North Abington Township Auditor
Cynthia Lempicky - North Abington Township Auditor
Ralph Colo - North Pocono School Director Reg 2
Diane Croom - North Pocono School Director Reg 3
Michael May - North Pocono School Director Reg 3
Jason Dietz - North Pocono School Director Region 2
Robert Pagnotti - Old Forge Borough Council
Robert Semenza - Old Forge Borough Council
Deborah DeSando - Old Forge School Director
Patrick Aulisio - Old Forge School Director
James Hoover - Old Forge School Director
Thomas Bremer - Olyphant Borough Council
Kirk Zeiss - Ransom Township Auditor 4 Year Unex
William Brown - Ransom Township Supervisor
Michael Conigliaro - Riverside School Director
Catherine Schield - Roaring Brook Township Auditor
Lester Clark - Scott Township Auditor
Edward Hlavaty - Scott Township Supervisor
Ray Nearhood - Scranton City Controller
Lee Morgan - Scranton City Council
James Timlin - Scranton School Director
James Dougher - Scranton School Director
Mark Dougherty - South Abington Township Supervisor
Thomas Sunick - South Abington Township Tax Collector 2 Year Unex
Kenneth Genovese - Springbrook Township Supervisor
Joseph Zurcher - Springbrook Township Supervisor
John Bonacci - Springbrook Township Supervisor 2 Year Unex
Chris Smith - Valley View School Director Reg 2
Joseph Koniszewski - Valley View School Director Reg 2
Sharon Whitaker - Waverly Township Auditor
Ronald Whitaker - Waverly Township Supervisor

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