Thursday, May 28, 2009

Democrats Once Again Lose Focus

In Troubled Economic Times, Pennsylvania Democrats Focus on Gay Marriage Instead of Economy-Senator Mellow Silent

Scranton – As Pennsylvania faces surging unemployment, higher gas prices, budget turmoil, and a troubled economy, Democrats in Pennsylvania’s State Senate have decided to instead focus on gay marriage.

According to recent news accounts (Patriot News, 5/27/09) Democratic State Senator Daylin Leach has proposed a bill to authorize gay marriage in Pennsylvania. To date, Senate Minority Leader Robert Mellow has been silent on the proposal. According to press accounts, Democrat Senator Leach has looked on recent actions authorizing gay marriage in New Hampshire and Maine as motivation for this proposal.

“Pennsylvania needs more jobs, lower energy costs, and lower taxes…not gay marriage. I question Senator Leach and his Democratic allies in the State Senate’s priorities if they think the largest issue facing Pennsylvania is whether or not gay marriage should be legally recognized here,” said Lackawanna County Young Republican PAC Executive Director Dave Weber. “Pennsylvania is currently facing a budget crisis and weighing tax increases on working families. These are the issues of the day that need to be addressed immediately. I question the judgment of any elected official that believes gay marriage proposals are a higher priority than taxes, energy, and our economy.”

“This is an excellent example of how Pennsylvania’s Democratic leaders are out of focus and out of touch with the needs of regular, everyday Pennsylvanians,” Weber added. “We call on Senator Mellow to break his silence and state publically his support or opposition of this bill and whether it should really be a legislative priority considering the economic turmoil and budget problems Pennsylvania is facing.”