Thursday, October 9, 2008

McCain drops Ayers Bomb!

From Fox News:

MILWAUKEE, WI — The McCain campaign is not putting a new hard-hitting 90-second web ad slamming Obama for his relationship with former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers up on TV yet but that probably doesn’t make a difference. The video is sure to be the political topic du jour on Thursday and is already heating up the morning shows.

The spot introduces Ayers’ past as a member of the Weather Underground and his interactions with Obama but says the bigger issue is the Democratic nominee’s candor.
“We know Bill Ayers ran the “violent left wing activist group” called Weather Underground. We know Ayers’ wife was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list. We know they bombed the Capitol. The Pentagon. A judge’s home. We know Ayers said, ‘I don’t regret setting bombs. …. I feel we didn’t do enough,’” a narrator intones. “But Obama’s friendship with terrorist Ayers isn’t the issue. The issue is Barack Obama’s judgment and candor. When Obama just says, ‘This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood.’ Americans say, ‘Where’s the truth, Barack?’ Barack Obama. Too risky for America.”

McCain campaign adviser Nicolle Wallace appeared on a number of morning shows today to argue that Obama’s lack of openness on Ayers raises questions about his veracity on other policy issues, acknowledging that Americans “don’t care about a washed-up terrorist.”
“The point of this ad is that Barack Obama, when asked about his association with Mr. Ayers, was less then truthful. He called him a guy in his neighborhood. Now the truth is he is somebody who Barack Obama launched his political career with at a coffee in his living room,” Wallace said on Fox and Friends this morning. “The point here is if you don’t tell the truth about your associations, how can you be trusted to tell the truth to the American people about your plan for raising taxes, about your plans for ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, about your plans for health insurance? How can we trust you if you don’t tell a simple truth about who the guy in your neighborhood really is?”

She added, “I think John McCain is someone who always tells the truth and lets the chips fall where they may. Barack Obama always polishes the truth puts the best spin on the facts and hopes that it will serve his political ambitions.”

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